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Our Mission 

Our Vision 

Our mission is to continue building a place for community; we have movement & stillness for everyone. 

Join us in our studio at Paddler's Cove for yoga (hatha, vinyasa, restorative and yin) influenced, cathartic cardio and mindful meditation group classes. 

Support your lifestyle in our curated wellness boutique through intentionally selected self-care and home goods products.

Our vision is to provide everyone access to the resources and support they need to experience movement, breath and stillness that feels supportive, empowering and good to them. 

We strive to provide our growing community a place that is safe, accessible, inclusive and judgment free. We aim to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors or interacts with us virtually gets to experience the feeling and community we are creating.

Our Values


As a community we hold up, encourage, and support each other to continue to show up for ourselves and others.


Through the choice of movement, breath, or stillness, we are empowered to explore in a way that feels organic to us on any given day.


There’s an invitation to arrive at this space without judgment from ourselves or others, and through this safety and comfort we are able to embrace our authentic selves as it shows up in any given moment.

We are a community commited to being anti diet, and pro body liberation.


"Everytime I walk into The Practice I feel a sense of relief. Like I can fully exhale. It's a space where I feel I can be myself and take care of myself. I put down the weight of my day and am able to connect with myself in a holistic and healthy way. Amy and Laura are two of the most wonderful women I have ever met and I feel completely accepted and loved everytime I see their beautiful faces. The community that is growing here feels like one of real connection. I love coming to all their classes and I feel like my cup is completely full everytime I leave the space. I'm so grateful this space exists!"

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