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Our Policies

Mission Statement

Our mission is to get every body moving. We intend to empower those bodies to dig a little deeper, to explore, to listen, and to be aware of what you need. You are your best teacher and we are here to support that. We intend to create community. With that in mind, we have some asks of you so we can better serve the community as a whole.

Time Management

Please arrive to class at least ten minutes before class starts. This is to respect the class and others who are participating. If you cannot make it to class, please cancel as soon as you know you can't make it, up to at least 8 hours (12 hours for a morning class) before class time. This gives those who are on the waitlist the opportunity to take class. Doors are locked while in class, latecomers are not permitted. 

Online Booking & Cancellation Policy

As we are a boutique studio with limited capacity, to ensure you have the best experience, to guarantee your spot in class, please ensure you book online. This also assists in our set up of the room, and so our teachers can know what to expect. Online booking closes 8 hours (12 hours for a morning class) before class time. Please have your spot booked to ensure you receive any class updates and opt in to emails on your account. You are welcome to call or email within those 8 hours to book in last minute however we cannot guarantee a spot. 


Starting October 1st, 2023 We will be implementing a late fee (implemented within 48 hours of the missed class) for cancellations made after a 8 hour (12 hour for morning classes) buffer before your class time. This is to better honour our teacher’s time, and to better honour class attendance. We are reintroducing our minimum class attendance policy, classes need to meet a minimum attendance to continue, so make sure you book into your favourite class times! We recommend signing in to your weekly classes every Sunday to ensure you are prioritizing your sweet self.

We also understand sometimes things outside of our control happen. Please contact

Who can come?

We welcome all. We welcome beginners, to those who are experienced. We welcome your mom, dad, grandparent, we welcome your kids. Children can attend classes with their parent / legal guardian if they are able to participate in class for the entirety, without disrupting other participants. Please be considerate to others. Teachers are empowered to use their own music which may be unsuitable for some. Please use your own discretion.


During your class, we ask that all phones, bags, keys, be left outside of the room. One reason for this is space saving and safety reasons (we don't want anyone tripping), however the main reason is so you have the opportunity to focus on yourself for just one hour of time. You deserve it. Having these items in your mind activates a to do list, a thought, a worry. Help us keep the space clear physically and energetically to give space to dive a little deeper into your own being.

In Studio Chatter

We encourage community building and getting to know your neighbour! However, the rule of thumb is that if someone is in shavasana there should be silence in the space. So if you enter the space before class and see someone lying on their mat, please respect that and take your conversation to the benches. Don't worry, we will let you know when class is starting! The same applies for after class - please hold in studio chatter until the last person is out of shavasana.

Respect Everyone

We are here to build community! Everyone is entitled to be here. Under no circumstances will bullying, demeaning, or exclusionary behaviour be accepted or permitted within this studio. The Practice and it's staff reserves the right to ask any clients to remove themselves from the space given any situation where they deem behaviour to be that of an exclusionary, or of a bullying nature, or where anyone is made to feel unsafe. 

Weather Policy 

Your safety is our priority! If the weather & roads are bad we will cancel class via MindBody so make sure that you have your notifications on! We will also post on our Instagram

Make sure to check before you leave for class if you are unsure! 
If you have  pruchased a drop in or have a class pass, don't worry - you will be able to use that for another class! 

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