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Full Moon in Leo

The full moon brings about an amplified energy. There is a universal energy that we all kind of feel, and of course ignites personal energies as well. This can affect one or another more or less, and this can change month to month. The full moon invites us to stand fully in ourselves, in our feelings, and invites a deeper connection to our subconscious.

The full moon is also an opportunity for illumination. As the full moon lights up the sky, it can offer a chance to illuminate the things in your life that might need a bit more attention. What is your intuition drawing to the surface- is there something within you that has been ignored or neglected that would feel safe to explore now? This is a really beautiful chance to show all sides of yourself some love. The realization here is that standing in your fullest self, highest light, as the moon is right now, does not mean radiating perfection. It is really quite raw and uncut, to allow yourself to be fully seen in this world. It isn't always self, and it won't always feel right. And that is ok too. You are your own and you get to choose what you share with who. But is there a space that you can start giving a little more attention, shining a little more light on, and move towards sharing that with others, and then presenting to the world? Remember- the moon does not care what others think of them. It just shines in its fullness, and offers no apologies for it.

This all being said, as human beings, it is not easy. This process will be emotional, charged, and possibly bring up some things that will need to be processed. Please ensure you have the appropriate supports in place to assist you on your journey, of self-embodiment, and know there is no rush. Know that emotions are certainly heightened with the full moon, and it is productive to allow these emotions to be felt. You can cry on your yoga mat, scream and dance, yell and do burpees, or sit in gentle meditation and journal. You can reach out to a trusted friend, or book an appointment with a therapist. There is no right or wrong way to feel your feelings, just make sure there is space for them to be felt.

Leo is very playful and loves to express and create, which is why in this particular full moon new forms of self expression (or repressed forms of self expression) might be drawn to the surface. Know that it is not frivolous to try new things, to seek new experiences, simply for the joy of it. Just as there is no one way to exist as a human, your own personal expression may change over time (or simply begin to reveal itself in a more authentic way). Leo full moon invites us to lead with the heart, and to see where it might take us.

Some gentle suggestions for this full moon:

  • Explore your creativity! Try your hand at a new or neglected art form! Don't get too caught up in what this might mean, and dont box yourself in! I kindly encourage you to get a bit (or a lot) messy.

  • Dance in the kitchen with no inhibitions! Turn your music up and see where it takes you!

  • Try a new style of movement! Are you normally best supported by practicing something like The Restore, slow and mindful gentle stretches? Maybe you feel the need to shake your butt? Check out a class like The Barre with Ryann! Feeling the need to explore some cathartic movement and access your primal self with a war-cry style breath? The Practice with Laura might be just what you need! Looking to move with playful fluidity? The Flow is here for you. Seeking the opportunity to explore a balance of energies? The Flow/Restore might do the trick. Are you usually go go go but looking for the invitation to slow down? Check out the Restore. Other great options here are shaking the body for a quick energy release and reset, going for a walk outside, or again, I am a big advocate for kitchen dancing.

  • Cook something tasty for yourself if being in the kitchen feels ok for you!! Can you let this be a creative, joyful act of self-care instead of a stress-filled, rushed act? If cooking is too stressful for you, can you instead order your favorite meal or buy your favorite food?

  • Have a luxurious bath and incorporate your favorite scents / whatever body care you love!

  • Read a book on something that ignites your creative curiosity, or that engages your imagination!

  • Journal!! See prompts below:

Journal prompts for the full moon:

  • What is the full moon illuminating for me this month?

  • What emotion do I feel particularly amplified in?

  • In what way am I being called to be creative?

  • What are some supports I can call on as I move through whatever is being amplified for me?

  • What movement feels supportive to my current energy?

  • What brings me joy?

  • How am I being called to explore either or both joy and/or creativity in a new or forgotten way?

  • In what direction do I feel my heart leading me? (Remember this is just for you, and is not a contract. Be honest with yourself and know there is no rush on this path, and you can of course change your mind)

    • If you have the capacity, can you explore one or more steps you can take towards this heart led direction?

What practice are you invoking to support this full moon? Let us know in the comments!

With love and moonbeams,


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