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Renew in this New Year

A letter to you, to start 2023

This new year, this new day, this new moment. One that will never exist again, can only have existed because you, my friend, had made it as such. What an incredible offering to your own being, and to those in your community.

This new year speaks to joyful opportunity, after the culmination of perseverance and of irrigating that which needed oscillation, and will now have the possibility to step into what is called of you, and what you deservingly call for.

I’ll invite you to settle in, gather a hot tea, light a candle, put your phone away, take out your journal and give yourself the gift of time.

Through these next moments, and the ones to follow in 2023, it’s time to step into your own truth and renew what is true. If that feels scary, that’s okay! That’s normal - we fear what we don’t know. And we’ve spent a long time outside of our relationship with ourselves. But after allowing your essence to recognize and honour all that you’ve been through, whether subconscious or fully aware, there’s nothing left to be afraid of, is there? Our practice has been one of stepping into each and every moment as wholly as we can, and we can’t be anything other than that, can we?

So to aid the process of attuning to your own wholeness, I invite you to journal, or to sit with these inquiries:

What is yours to reclaim, what is yours to release?

What is in the underlying essence of your truth?

What small steps can you make to follow your journey back to yourself?

What is the story you have around your own being? Is there anything to construct or deconstruct?

What’s here for you, and what is not?

And finally, what’s beyond your possibility?

Because after all, this wild experience has so much more to offer than our dreams, really. But it’s up to us to put the plan into action - we have to be the ones to take the steps.

And I am absolutely honoured and elated to take this trip alongside you. Let’s see what we’re made of, shall we?


With eternal gratitude,



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