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Shift/Move/Nourish - your wellness overhaul

“shift/move/nourish” We intentionally chose these terms because that’s what we do.

Shift your mind, move your body, nourish your soul.

What do these words mean?

  1. Shift: This refers to making positive changes in your mindset, habits, and environment. It can involve shifting your thoughts, emotions, or behaviors to improve your overall well-being. For example, you might shift your mindset from a negative or self-critical perspective to a more positive and self-compassionate one.

  2. Move: This refers to engaging in physical activity and exercise to promote physical health and wellness. It can involve regular movement throughout the day, such as walking or stretching, movement classes, home practice & more! This is what you want it to be.

  3. Nourish: This refers to fueling your body, mind and soul with delicious foods, supportive online content and information, even drinking water. Nourishing yourself can look different for each and every one of us. Making choices that support your overall health and well-being.

The journey to wellness and into healing is not a one size fits all, and the same strategy rarely works day in day out.

When looking to rebuild the relationship to one’s self (that is, attuning to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs), it’s imperative to truly listen in to attend to what is needed in that moment, on that particular day. If you’ve felt like this is a struggle, or feeling clouded and distracted, you’re not alone! While holistic health is an ancient tradition in many cultures, in our westernized medicine it’s experiencing a renewed emergence.

“Holistic health is a means of measuring our current state of health that takes into account the whole person in mind, body, and spirit.” -

When we are looking at measuring our current state, expanding our vocabulary is imperative so we have a clear means of gathering the information that is present. This leads to different holistic practices that could support a well rounded and healthy life.

Through practices such as group movement classes, meditation, journalling, therapy, nature, breathwork, somatic therapies, mind-body connection practices, and many others, one can experience a deeper level of healing which allows space for thriving throughout our years!

When we are present and attune to our being, we’re investing in not only our current health, but our future health as well. Starting today, taking little action by little action, you’re creating a new you - by building new habits that take care of these incredibly important parts of you, you’re creating a new reality for yourself. This rebuild, or return to your homeostasis (everything working together and running as intended) is allowing for the nervous system to be more flexible - the work that we do to strengthen the shifting from activation to deactivation to activation (or window of tolerance - how much stress can we handle before we can’t handle anymore) allows for us to feel safe, and to find peace.

Why holistic health?

The nervous system is over inundated with activations coming from expectations, comparisons, judgements, what we’re consuming - whether that be foods that deplete our immune functions or content that depletes our motivations- but not to fear! Inviting in holistic practices helps to regulate our nervous system to create space for coming back home to yourself, to your homeostasis, to your place of thriving and of joy!

Healthcare is usually synonymous with western medicine - using science based practices and procedures within a standardized system to offer care for patients. Holistic wellness refers to an alternative approach (which can be used in tandem with healthcare) which addresses the whole person and the habits of the particular person.

By integrating practices that fall under the broad spectrum of wellness, we’re expanding our healthcare toolbox and while every tool might not fit the project, you might find a few that will do the job well.

Shift / Move / Nourish - the holistic practices of meditation, somatic movement, and community healing

Through group classes, we offer the options to either shift the mind (meditation and mind-body practice), move the body (through movement based practices) and nourish the soul (through community and reconnection back to self).

Mindset is an incredibly important function of living well and thriving in our society. Practicing mindfulness in itself is incredibly beneficial to the health and wellbeing of humans - simply being present with one’s self without judgement or expectation can bring feelings of peace, ease, joy. A mindfulness practice can reunite the mind and body, but meditation allows for a deeper exploration of thought, of rest, of regulation, of the antidote to our productive and stressful lives.

Mindfulness can also be practiced by way of mind-body movement classes. Classes that focus on your breath and the body, interoception and exteroception (receptors to gather the aforementioned information), by reconnecting to what’s in the moment by becoming curious around discomfort and the reaction it brings helps to better understand our behaviours, habits, and what is being predicted by our own experience. It’s through our somatic movement classes that the practice of tuning in is strengthened, supporting autonomy of self.

In group classes, the beneficial impact of community is astonishing. The conversations in between classes, the sharing of recipes, the book recommendations - simply practicing with each other supports healing by sharing beliefs, values, and morals. It’s in the community that dis-ease can be prevented by supporting the narrative of empowerment of the individual, and of the collective community. We nourish our souls in community.

“We don't heal in isolation, but in community” – S. Kelley Harrell

Join us in practicing in community - The Practice Moves, a 21 Day Experience for you to shift your mind, move your body and nourish your soul.

21 days of practice, of movement or stillness, so that you can move through whatever is creating resistance and show up for yourself every day - whatever that looks like for you.This is the time to join in community - to feel supported and energized, to feel strong, to trust and to come home to you.

  1. SIGN UP NOW: Fill out this form

  2. A pass is required (if you’re new to the studio, use code MOVE50 for additional savings on your 21 Day Intro Pass) Purchase Here!

  3. A PWYC donation to Black Wellness Co (you can bring cash in to us, or donate directly through their website - your 21 days won't start until your first class so purchase today!)

  4. Sign up on our board in studio (ready March 13th)

  5. Take 21 classes - Book Here!

  6. Get entered to win an incredible prize!

We start Monday March 20th ~ We can't wait to practice alongside you!


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