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Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Hello sweet souls, and warmest of welcomes to the Practice blog.

If you are new to this space, we are a movement studio located in Dartmouth, NS. Or should I more accurately say; we are what started out as a movement studio, and grew into a community. And if i was to become even more accurate still, we are what started out as two dreams in the hearts and minds of Laura and myself, and those dreams overflowed from our brains, swirled together to form the shape of a physical studio space, and those dreams are once again overflowing from the studio walls and spilling onto these digital pages. Too much? Too weird already? Well hold on, because we are only getting started.

This is a space of non-confinement, of self recognition, of unstructured dancing, of pausing, of landing. This is a place of present-in-the-moment-ness. There is challenge to be found here. Discomfort, even. Greater still, there is hope, self-awareness, and self-celebration. Most of all, there is the power to choose what is best for you; what you want, what you need, what supports you best on your journey at this time. There is self-autonomy, and it is yours to claim.

Our hope is that through this blog and other online offerings we can provide a deeper dive into what it means to /shift/ our energy, on our intention behind the /move/ment we do, and to provide tools for you to /nourish/ yourself in all ways. This is NOT meant to be a how-to guide, or to be taken as a perfect formula. Take what resonates, what feels helpful, and leave the rest. We simply are here to share what we know as our most authentic selves, and you can take that at most as an example of one way to step into embodiment; how we personally express our own authenticity.

The overarching theme on all aspects of our space is to remind you of your own personal, innate enough-ness; your own wisdom and ability to choose what is most supportive for yourself to experience at any given time. This is all an invitation to explore, to get to know yourself a little better. Through all the moving, shaking, stillness, breathing, hugging, crying, laughing, connecting, the message stays the same. You are a living, breathing, miracle who deserves to live a fully embodied existence. We are just so honored to walk beside you in the pursuit of inner awareness, knowledge seeking, and lifelong curiosity.

Yours always in both peace and chaos,

Amy (on behalf of The Practice)

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Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Bates
Feb 28, 2022

Love this studio! You chicks are the best


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