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Private Classes & Somatic Sessions

Looking for some additional one on one support? Or booking an event for your workplace? We have lots of options for private clients and private group classes! 

View some of our pricing options & fill out the form below to get started! 


Somatic Session

$150 / per session

One somatic session with Laura Kieley

Once purchased - email us to schedule your session!

Sessions are typically 75 minutes


3 Somatic Session Bundle

$395 for the 3 full sessions

3 somatic session bundle with Laura Kieley

Once purchased - email us to schedule your session!

Sessions are typically 75 minutes

What is a somatic session?

This one on one individualized session uses somatic techniques to honour and recognize the wisdom the body holds. When we harbour emotions, they tend to stay stagnant in the body, creating ailments such as increased stress, anxiety, physical chronic pain, depression, inability to sleep. Through our sessions, we attune to the trauma that is stored and allow for the body to metabolize and process, to become more clear, light, calm, grounded, and present for our lives.


There can be anything and everything involved, it depends on what your body needs in that exact moment - this is where the practitioner comes in.


Through curiosity and willingness, these somatic sessions will guide you to listen in, so you can deepen your relationship to self and ultimately step into joy.


The practice of attuning to one’s self and needs strengthens the more often it occurs. 


Private Class

$130 / per class

One private class with the instructor of your choice! Please reach out directly via email to set up this option!


Private Group Class

$250 / per class

Looking for a spot for your next employee wellness program? Maybe a team bonding yoga or exercise class! 

Fill out the form below to tell us your ideas and we will reach out to you with more information and to coordinate times and dates! 


Private Client Program

Cost calculated through intake process

Are you ready to commit to your movement, to your cultivation of calm, to your presence, and looking for a private setting with one on one support? This option is for you! 

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to let us know what you are looking for and a bit more information and we will follow up with you via email to get started! 

Download an example of a 6 week private client program here!

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