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Our luxurious cream deodorant conditions skin, absorbs odor, keeps you dry & helps your underarms become fresher over time.


Breathe - the highly popular Breathe blend is the perfect match for those with an active lifestyle - these oils have natural anti-bacterial properties & are cooling to the skin
Aromatic Profile: fresh, minty, herbaceous

Lightwater Breathe Cream Deodorant

  • Apply a small amount (dime-sized) under each arm & massage until absorbed.
    Reapply as needed - before or after working out or when you want to feel fresh!
    Tip: After shower/sweating ensure you are fully dry before use...oil + water don't mix! Your body may require time to adjust to the new product, especially if you are used to using antiperspriant. Give yourself some grace.

  • Store tin upright in a cool space out of direct sunlight.
    Product may melt in warmer conditions but does not reduce the effectiveness. Recommended to refrigerate in the summer months.

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