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Detoxify your skin and brighten your complexion with these new all natural clay masks! Each clay was specifically chosen for its individual properties and then blended with others to create the ultimate balance for normal to dry or normal to oily skin types.

Rhassoul Clay - Reduces dryness and flakiness, improves clarity and elasticity and absorbs impurities from the skin.


Kaolin Clay - Great for sensitive or dry skin. Extremely gentle and helps to exfoliate. 


Canadian Glacial Clay - Amazingly rich with an extremely negative ionic charge. Helps to soften skin and actually pulls moisture up to the surface of skin for an extra glowy result!


French Green Clay - Stimulates blood flow, tightens pores and gently detoxifies.


Bentonite Clay - Strong oil absorbing properties. Helps to smooth out skin tone and reduces scarring.


2 oz. PET jar



THERApotions Clay Mask

  • Normal/Dry: Rhassoul, Kaolin and Canadian Glacial Clays.   Normal/Oily: Bentonite, French Green and Canadian Glacial Clays.

  • To use: Measure out 2-3 teaspoons of clay powder into a small (non-metal) container. Slowly add liquid to form a paste. You can use a flower water, hydrosol or just plain water works great! Apply evenly over clean, damp skin and allow to dry. Rinse well. Glow.

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