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Need an easier way to get your daily dose of magnesium?  Finding supplements difficult on your system?  Try a spray!  Studies show that the vast majority of North Americans are deficient in magnesium leading to symptoms like anxiety, heart arrhythmias, weakness, high blood pressure and muscle cramps.  Use a few pumps daily on exposed skin (avoiding sensitive areas) and replenish your magnesium stores without taking pills.  The skin readily absorbs the pure magnesium chloride in the spray and should be left on for at least 10-15 minutes to receive the most benefit.  No need to rinse.  The spray can also be used in acute cases of muscle pain and cramping due to activity or to calm restless or twitchy muscles.  

Don't let the term "oil" discourage you from trying this amazing product.  The spray is water based but does have a slight texture to it and hence, people have dubbed it oil.  It feels slightly tacky on your skin as you apply it and absorbs fully within a few minutes.  Moisturizer can be applied directly over the treated areas if desired.  

THERApotions Magnesium Oil Spray

  • Ingredients: Distilled water, pure magnesium chloride. 

  • 4 oz. bottle with sprayer.

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