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Stay natural and sun safe with our Sun Stick!  

All natural sun protection in an easy to apply formula. While we can't advertise a legal SPF, please note that the active ingredient, zinc oxide is a tried and true ingredient even in commercial sun screen.  The difference lies in particle size.  Commercial sunscreen contains nano-particles that are tiny enough to get into our bloodstreams - and stay there.  THERApotions uses only micro particle sizes which are too big to be absorbed and instead sit on top of the skin, providing a barrier-like protection.  The zinc is blended with shea butter and coconut oil which have lesser sun protection factors all of their own and finished with beeswax and cocoa butter for ease of application.  

The Sun Stick comes in 2 sizes, a 14 g. jumbo lip balm style tube to tuck in your purse and a large 75 g. deodorant style tube for your beach bag.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, beeswax, cocoa butter, non-nano zinc oxide (20%)   

THERApotions Sun Stick

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