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Our Retreats offer a unique experience that combines yoga, movement, meditation and relaxation in magical international destinations and in beautiful Atlantic Canada.


They provide a perfect opportunity for you to recharge and reconnect with yourself, to your practice and to community in stunning natural settings, and to relax and unwind in a tranquil environment.

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The next retreat...

Asitu’lisk (previously known as Windhorse Farm) Retreat


Asitu’lɨsk (previously known as Windhorse Farm) is nestled on the shore of Atuomkuk/Wentzell Lake of the Pijnuiskaq/LaHave River Watershed. It is a place where the ancestors of the Mi’kmaq flourished for thousands of years in Sin So’sepe’katik/Bridgewater, Nova Scotia.

This rare and ancient forest and organic permaculture gardens hold host to an eco-friendly conference lodge, a century-old farmhouse and rustic barn, charming off-grid forest cabins, a wood products facility, pristine lake access, and kilometres of forest walking trails that make up the beauty and existence of the land in which beautifully transcends its place name that which brings you balance is fitting for Asitu’lɨsk."


Join us, in this magical location, to rest, explore, and feel supported through movement and stillness, while we physically take ourselves out of our normal stimulated environment, and tune back into the knowledge of the earth. (Did we mention there's a sauna?)


We can't wait to guide you through your deeper exploration of body, mind, and breath.

International Retreats
Lefkada Greece, 2023

Local Retreats
Windhorse Farm, 2022

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