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Core Classes

The Practice

A cathartic, soul-full, mind and body workout. We practice rhythmic movement that challenges us to get uncomfortable, as we explore our reactions. The Practice uses bodyweight movements (plyometrics and calisthenics), we practice tuning in to our authentic needs.

The Flow

Vinyasa yoga influenced movement to connect to breath. The Flow is a beautiful dance of fluidity and motion, linked with flexibility, balance and strength. We practice the meditative movement as one.

The Power Flow

Emphasize embracing movement as a form of self expression and exploration through exploring your potential. Explore your strength and potential through mindful challenge. Awaken your senses and feel invigorated.

The Restore

Restorative yoga influenced movement where we explore the discomfort of stillness. The Restore finds where stress and tension are held, so we can physically invite softness and flexibility through resetting your internal systems. We practice stillness.

The Presence

Hatha yoga inspired movement which gives you time to land and pause. We explore what it means to be present in the discomfort, to create a conversation between mind and body - a somatic practice. We practice mindfulness in the moment.

The Flow/Restore

Flow and restoritive yoga inspired movement, this practice encourages a balanced approach to movement and stillness. We practice the fast and flowy movements with the stillness to unwind and rest.

The Beginner Yoga

A place to begin (again). Find joy of movement and breath awareness.  Reduce stress and increase relaxation through mindful reconnection. Find movement that is specific for you through practicing mindfulness and self-awareness, to reconnect to your complete self.

The Barre

Barre inspired fitness, this practice uses a full body, high repetition workout to move mindfully, using a ballet bar. We practice isolating and engaging small range movements to support overall lifestyle functionality.

For our Pre/Post Natal Edition Barre Class:
If you are bringing your baby to class, please bring anything they will need to be comfortable for the hour. They are welcome to stay in car seats, blankets on the floor, or dance with you in a baby carrier. We recommend you also bring a diaper changing pad to use in the studio so you miss less of class should the need to change arise! We welcome all babies that are pre-walking.

The Pilates Fusion

Pilates inspired fitness, this practice takes classical Pilates moves that give you incredible postural and alignment benefits, and puts them to music so that you can breathe and flow to the beat. We practice dissecting and investigating movement patterns to bring more awareness to movement.

Exploring Mindfulness

In this (monthly) class, we explore different practices of mindfulness including meditation, contemplation, journaling, and simply being. We practice being present and aware without judgment, to navigate the challenging intensity of everyday life.

Pay What You Can Classes

Our intention is to get people moving, finding stillness, and tuning in. We are so honoured to bring this option to our schedule, every Friday. We recognize there are sometimes financial barriers to coming to class. We suggest a minimum of $5 - this donation goes back into the community. And if you can't afford the $5, please come talk to us. First come first serve, we practice community.

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