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Our Mission Statement

Join our studio at Paddler's Cove for yoga (hatha, vinyasa, restorative and yin) influenced, cathartic cardio and mindful meditation group classes. A place for community; we have movement & stillness for everyone.

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Our Team

Laura Kieley (she/her)
Founder, Teacher, Student

Laura is fuelled by movement and mindfulness. The connection of body and mind, actions and reactions and the exploration into autonomous living is what influences Laura’s teachings, way of life and her commitment to the continued service of others.

Through Laura’s studies in yoga, business, psychology and living mindfully, the lessons learned have become a daily practice of living well and thriving.  Her dedication to living well is reflected in her daily choices and activities which influence her teachings. 

Laura found her passion for practicing yoga over 15 years ago which evolved to teaching over 11 years ago. After completing many yoga teacher trainings, in 2019 Laura founded The Practice, co-founded and co-owned by Amy Tattrie. The pair are passionate about creating a community where people move physically, energetically and mindfully. It's in this space where we explore our relationship to self, through movement and stillness. 

The evolution of Laura’s practice is what lends awareness to her everyday life. Spending time in nature, nose deep in a book, dancing with excitement, the enjoyment of good coffee, wine and company is where Laura finds pursuit in thriving and living every experience as wholly as she can.


Laura continues her journey of living mindfully and seeks every opportunity to continue this path. Her greatest passion is her community, family and being a support to others. Laura is so elated to have created and co-facilitated the recent addition of The Mentorship Program at The Practice. Laura also is co-creator and co-facilitator of Movement Teacher Training through The Practice.



Dalhousie BMGMT 

University of Pennsylvania Certificate of Foundations of Positive Psychology 

YTT 500h (Modo Yoga)

YTT 100h (Modo Flow)

TAYS: Hands on Adjustments Workshop

Yogassage Certificate

Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions in times of uncertainty and stress course 

Mindful Strength Workshop: Kathryn Bruni Young 

RIO Barre Certification 

Rice University: Mindfulness and Wellbeing: Living with Wellness and Ease Course

Somatic Stress Release Certification Levels 1,2&3

Healing Trauma Workshop with Peter Levine

Reiki Level 1 Certification 

Richard Ramcharan
Teacher, Student

Richard is Registered Massage Therapist, Animal Flow instructor and yoga teacher. 


His special interest in movement has lead him on a journey to work with others to explore their movement capacity and movement competency. 


His teaching style incorporates knowledge from a wide background of study. He believes the best way to learn is through the consistent practical application of movement skills, deliberate effort and relevant feedback. 

DSC09735 (1).jpg
Amy Tattrie (she/her)
Founder, Teacher, Student

My favorite thing in the world is witnessing people reconnecting with themselves. Discovering what it really means to be in their bodies. How does it feel to be present with yourself, even in chaos; in movement and stillness? My mission is helping people discover their own power. Through movement and mindfulness, we can reconnect to our own personal brand of magic.

I discovered yoga at a time when I really needed it, and it took me on a journey that I never in my wildest dreams seen coming. Seven years later, I became a yoga instructor. 2 years later, here we are, still dreaming.

Facts: I love animals, walking barefoot, moving my body, and being outside. I run on coffee, chocolate and plants.

I teach The Practice, The Flow, The Restore, The Release & The Presence.

Image from iOS.jpg
Emma Archibald
Teacher, Student

When I first came to the mat, it was a way to soften the tension generated from sport. Over the last nine years, my practice has steadily evolved and grown deeper, becoming as much of a workout for my mind as my body. My time spent on the mat now is where I practice trusting myself, exploring, and playing. It is my refuge and my anchor. As a Yoga Alliance certified 200 Hour vinyasa yoga teacher, I have learned from teachers in London, England, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. I can’t wait to share this practice with others.

Ryann Pinkerton
Teacher, Student

Ryann is a movement lover with experience in fields from Pilates and Barre, to dance, circus and mime. She started her movement journey doing physical theatre and aerial silks in university while teaching fitness classes on the side. She eventually made her way to Halifax where she teaches Pilates Mat, Reformer, and Barre as tools to help you foster a mind-body connection that will change the way you think about exercise. She is a Stott Pilates certified teacher that mixes the principles of Pilates with the idea that joyful movement is the most powerful way to connect to your body. Ryann is also Postnatal Fitness certified to better assist postpartum people in their movement journeys. All of Ryann's classes are centered around finding ease and joy in movement!

Anna Jamieson (she/her)
Studio Manager, Facilitator, Student

Anna is passionate about sustainability and discovering the linkages between caring and nurturing yourself and applying that mindfulness to caring for the earth. She has been a student at The Practice since 2019 and started full time as their manager in 2022. Anna loves the duality of being able to practice energetically and gently and loves the balance it can bring into our lives. Anna completed her meditation and breathwork certificaiton in July 2022 and facilitates weekly meditations. Anna is excited to continue to integrate her learnings from the training into future opportunities for breathwork and meditation at The Practice.

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