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Grounded in the principles of Naturopathic Skincare and Corneotherapy, our Face Oil was specifically developed to support, heal and manage what’s at the root of the most common skin concerns - a compromised skin barrier.

Formulated with a combination of high-linoleic acid, non-comedogenic plant oils, as well as antioxidant-rich and skin-identical ingredients to soothe and repair the skin barrier, while helping to balance out the lipid matrix.

This High-Linoleic Acid Face Oil was created to help combat common skin concerns stemming from a compromised skin barrier and imbalanced lipid matrix.


Our Face Oil:

  • Reduces the appearance of redness

  • Improves skin radiance

  • Evens out skin tone

  • Enhances skin hydration

  • Balances and clarifies the complexion

  • Soothes irritated skin

  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • enhances skin barrier homeostasis and improves skin barrier repair


For more detail on why high Linoleic Acid oils are so vital for healthy skin, check out THIS POST.


Main Ingredients:

Hemp Seed Oil - this Canadian-sourced, noncomedogenic oil great for sensitive skin and touts a high linoleic acid (and alpha linolenic acid - another important fatty acid for skin barrier health) profile. Hemp seed oil has been known to help balance oil production in the skin, while soothing irritated skin.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil - a source of high-value bioactive compounds such as alpha and gamma tocopherols (vitamin E), vitamin A, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Strong antioxidant properties and an affinity for combating UV-induced oxidative stress.

Cacay Oil - this hydrating oil offers a high concentration of natural vitamin A (more than rosehip seed oil), vitamin E and linoleic acid. An excellent, yet lesser-known option for acne-prone, sensitive and aging skin.

Watermelon Seed Oil - A light, fast-absorbing oil offering the perfect synergy with this formulation’s ingredient profile. Non-comedogenic and high in linoleic acid.

Olive Squalane - a skin-identical ingredient suitable for acne-prone, sensitive and aging skin types. Helps to enhance the skin’s natural regeneration abilities.


Directions: Apply 2-6 drops onto damp skin once to twice daily. For best results, follow our 3-step skin regimen below.

Cole High Linoleum Acid Face Oil (30ml)

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