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7 supportive ways to help start your meditation practice

Have you ever thought about starting a meditation practice? Perhaps felt intimiated or overwhelmed by the idea of it. Not knowing where to start or even how to start can stop us in our tracks but the exploration and the journey is all part of the fun!

Below are 7 ways to support you in starting your meditation practice.

1. Start Simple

Contrary to popular belief - it does not have to be complicated. A very simple, even short consistent practice can have incredible benefits.

You do not have to sit for an hour - start with 5 minutes - even 2 minutes if that feels better for you.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down, ideally uninterrupted - but thats not always possible and that's okay!

And just breath, focusing on your inhale and your exhale.

A guided meditation can also be a really supportive way to start, especially if you are having a hard time focusing - choose a youtube video or use a free app like insight timer to find loads of free guided meditations that can support your practice.

2. Have a dedicated space or class you attend

This may take some time but having a dedicated space has transformed my at home meditation practice.

This could look different for everyone -

  • a favourite corner of the house

  • a special cushion to sit on

  • your bed

  • the sofa

  • a comfy chair

something consistent, where you feel comfortable and supported to practice meditation.

This could also show up as a weekly class you attend at a studio!

3. Find Your Why

Perhaps journaling on the following questions:

Why do you want to practice meditation?

What benefits do you think there are for you?

Why is mindfulness important for you?

How often would you like to show up for your meditation practice? (remember #1 here!)

4. Habit Stack

Habit stacking is a really cool way to encourge the buidling of habits over time. If there is something that you already do every day - for example: making your coffee, brushing your teeth, are there ways you can add your meditation practice to this activity or "stack" these habits together.

Perhaps while your coffee is brewing, that is when you sit down for your meditation.

You get the idea! Try it out and see how it goes :)

5. Create Accountability

Build accountability into your routine! Do you have a friend or family member who is working on building a habit (maybe its a meditation practice - maybe it is something else entirely). Create check in points with each other to see how it is going!

This does not have to be strict or restrictive - let it be relaxed and supportive, see what works for you, even if it is self accountability with a journal or notebook!

6. Let it be fluid and messy

You may have the intention to meditate every day and that is amazing!

Know that this may not always happen, there will be days when life gets in the way or your schedule doesn't allow but that doesn't mean you can't come back to your practice the day after.

If you miss your morning meditation maybe you add it in later in the day.

It can be fluid, it doesn't always have to be perfect, let it be messy.

This is a lesson that can be learned over and over again - its not easy but it can be such a helpful reminder!

7. Find what works for you

What works for me, may not work for you and vice versa! At the end of the day this is your practice so find what works for you and explore that!


This is simply a starting point!

Do you have a meditation practice already? Comment your favourite supportive tip that you use for your practice?

Never tried meditation before? Or are a regular?

Come to a class!

We offer 3 weekly The Meditation classes, Tuesdays at 6:50pm, Wednesdays at 1:15pm and Thursdays at 1:15pm.

Looking for a deeper dive?

Join us on Saturday January 29th, 2023 for Cultivating Mindfulness a workshop to support you in exploring what mindfulness is and how to add it to your routine, with meditation, breath and journaling!


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