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The Reason Behind the Mirrors in the Studio

If you have been to the practice before for a class, you have definitely noticed that we have the front wall fully mirrored.

A group of people in class facing the mirror at the front of the room.

This was an intentional choice we made, framed from our individual bias and preference of course. We do believe that mirrors have their place in a studio, and we thought it was time to share with you all the thought process behind us arriving at that decision.

First, let’s address the practical! Having mirrors in the space allows the individual direct visual feedback on posture and alignment. This can be really helpful when learning about supporting your body in different shapes as it shifts day to day. I find it so impactful personally to watch how much more supported my posture can become with a simple shift. We have become really detached from our bodies as a society, and the mirror provides such a valuable visual aid while we are still reconnecting to our body awareness.

Many of us are visual learners, and having the mirrors is something that will continue to be an invaluable, if not needed tool in maintaining and learning new movements. The mirrors also allow for an easy focal point on yourself, making balancing much more easeful.

At the end of the day, having mirrors in the space ensures physical safety and can allow for more exploration of movement than without.

A white yoga room with mats, blocks and water bottles set up and white curtains in the background.

Secondly, for a lot of us, these practices varying from movement to stillness are being used as a way to get to know yourself again, to re-connect and remember your own personal power.

The mirror allows us to be in witness to that. The mirror shows us ourselves in softness, in strength, in fluidity, and rest. It is such a beautiful reminder of our own duality and it can be really powerful to sit in witness of yourself, if that feels like something that you can safely access in that moment.

At any rate, we remind you now that the mirrors aren’t intended be used as a way to provide self critique or to be a tool of perfectionism in poses- they simply are there to allow for an additional support for you to be in charge of your own practice, and, if it resonates with you, to bare witness to your own journey. Regardless of where you are at in your own process.


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