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Laura's Ironman 5150 Triathalon Reflection

A friend of mine reflected just before we left on our big adventure to race “ You know, it’s interesting that you need to put yourself in an extreme situation to meet discomfort.”

I paused. I hadn’t realized that’s what was happening. To me, my dreams are set on the “what if’s”, and then it’s the journey where I stay present and do the work. This is what led to me sharing this Ironman 5150 Triathalon reflection.

The work, for me, is being present in relationship with myself, practicing collecting all points of information in moments of discomfort, so I can discern if it’s my mind that is telling me the truth or if it’s my body. WE are the connection between those two things.

For this journey, the training, and the scheduling, and the excuses, and the pushing, and the pain, and the moments of ecstasy - all of those experiences we experience on a daily basis is the work. That’s the discomfort. And then we get to the point of thriving.

My goal for this race was to not hate it, to complete it, to not drown or crash or faint or pass out, and to maybe - possibly - enjoy it. Because that’s what the work is for - living our lives fully.

This race is just the beginning (or the continuation) for me, of what is possible, what is out there, what’s next, how do I really strengthen my relationship to my authentic self - the one that exists when there’s no one, or distraction around.

What are you experiencing lately that’s got you reflecting? I’d love to hear about it.