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FEATURED from Wildcraft Care Skincare 101: How Much & When You Should Use Your Products

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Note: This blog was originally posted on , we have been given permission to repost this information!

When it comes to skincare, it's not just what you use that matters. It's how and when you use it.

Slather your moisturizer on before your serum and you may not be absorbing all of the nourishing benefits. Apply too little and you may feel like your skincare products aren't working, but apply too much and you could risk redness, irritation, and breakouts.

Whether you like to keep your skincare simple or you revel in the relaxation of your 10-step morning and nighttime rituals, consider this your comprehensive guide to nailing how and when you should be using each product in your own personal routine.

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Order of application

1. Cleanse (Purchase Here!)

  • The most essential skincare step. Removes dirt and makeup, creating a clean canvas for the rest of your routine.

  • Use twice daily in the morning and at night — or once in the morning and twice at night if you follow a double-cleansing routine.

2. Mask (Purchase Here!)

  • Drives beneficial ingredients deeper into the skin, helping to moisturize, exfoliate, or cleanse depending on the mask used.

  • Use one to three times a week.

3. Tone (Purchase Here!)

  • Refreshes and preps your skin to better absorb your post-cleansing moisturizers.

  • Use twice daily, in the morning and at night. You can also use a toner midday to refresh during travel or on a hot day.

4. Treat (Purchase Here!)

  • Potent ingredients penetrate deep into the skin to help lock in moisture and target specific skin concerns.

  • Use twice daily, in the morning and at night while skin is still damp from the toner. (Those with combo to oily skin might find that once a day is enough.)

5. Moisturize (Purchase Here!)

  • Provides a nourishing layer to help seal everything in.

  • Use twice daily, in the morning and at night. (Those with combo to oily skin might find that once a day is enough.)

Don't forget: Apply SPF at the end of your morning routine to protect your skin from the sun — even in the winter.

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Applying the right amount


  • A quarter-sized amount


  • A dime to quarter-sized amount, so that one even layer covers the face


  • 3-4 spritzes

Face Serum

  • 3-4 drops

Face Cream

  • A pea-sized amount

Of course, everyone's skin is different and whether you have a dry, combo, or oily skin type will determine how you personalize your own routine.

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