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It’s Getting Hot in Here: Infrared Sauna use for healing and recovery

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve added an infrared sauna to our services. We’re huge fans of sauna use, and for good reason. Saunas have been used traditionally for so many benefits, but the biggest reason why that might not come to mind: relaxation. We’ve come to look for the productivity reasons on why to sauna, but let’s just chill here for a moment.

Saunas heat up your muscles, which relax them. Sounds simple. We spend so much time in active and productive environments, and I’d argue the simple fact that saunas encouraging relaxation might be the greatest benefit of all. We spend all day trying to figure out how to be our best selves, how to do the right thing, how to put our best foot forward. All of this takes presence and effort and active thought.

What happens if we don’t balance it out with restoration and relaxation? Revved up nervous systems, more prone to illness, trending toward chronic feelings of stress and anxiety. One of the greatest acts of rebellion in today’s day and age is relaxation. Which is partly why the hygge trend took off so well, it gave permission for relaxation. By giving yourself the time and space to truly relax (not distract, not disassociate, but to truly relax) you’re supporting yourself - which is such a valuable gift. By taking respite in the sauna, you’re increasing your endorphins which make you feel good, regulating your cortisol (a stress hormone), and helping you to sleep better, which overall increases your quality of life.

Taking 20-45 minutes for yourself to relax is not enough? We’ve got more.

Sauna use to recover is vital! When you incorporate multiple sauna sessions into your week whether you’re a high level athlete, on your feet all day, or sitting at a desk, when you sauna you’re increasing your blood flow which helps to distribute the increased production of white blood cells throughout your body more efficiently (healing & recovery increases). This blood flow plus the benefit of muscle relaxation helps to ease chronic pain. Your systems receive a controlled amount of stress which helps your nervous system and your cardiovascular system. You’ll get sick less, your heart will get stronger, you’ll have better cognitive function. Regular usage supports hormonal and metabolic health by promoting a growth hormone release. When you sauna, your body and mind thank you.

Want to read more? Check out this article from Dr Rhonda Patrick.

How to Sauna? Easy.

  • Book your session. (We recommend tying it to class time!)

  • Bring a book or a podcast (or even meditate!)

  • Hydrate (we recommend LMNT to get all your electrolytes replenished)

  • Use our luxe rainfall showers for the ultimate hot/cold therapy effects

  • No need to bring a thing (other than your bathing suit) - we’ve got robes, slippers, towels, shower supplies covered with no hidden fees! Stress less and feel luxurious.

  • Finally, and most importantly: give yourself permission to relax :) Turn off those notifications!

Our intention with launching the sauna is to continue to support the health and wellness of our community by adding on additional options for recovery and healing. We are exposed to so many stressors, and sauna use is another resource we offer to help undo the damage done by stress.

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Sample LMNT with your infrared sauna booking! Choose your flavour at the front desk and stay hydrated throughout your relaxing session.


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